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We invite you to take the opportunity to join a small number of companies participating in our Alexa Skills beta program. No requirements, special skills or APIs needed. 

Zuznow lets anyone access Alexa Skills!

Build Your First Alexa Skill

Zuznow - Automated frontend development

"This is one of the most powerful features we have built to date, and it is going to be a game-changer"  Chen Levkovich, Zuznow's CEO

Alexa, the voice service powering Amazon Echo, enables customers to interact with devices in a more intuitive way. Alexa skills allow you to play music, answer general questions, access your bank account, and even make a purchase. 

Zuznow enables you to integrate Alexa into your own business, simply and seamlessly.

Gartner* predicts that by 2018, 30% of our interactions with technology will be through “conversations” with smart machines.

Chatbots and voice-controlled assistants are determining how we consume information, products, and services. How can your business leverage this emerging trend? Sign up today for our Amazon Alexa Beta and find out!

Deploy in days
Anyone can make Echo Skills - Alexa Skills, no prior know-how is required.
Agile development
Use jQuery and JavaScript to configure your business logic. No need to develop any backend APIs. 
Out-of-the-box SSO enablement, multi-factor authentication, and password manager. 
Conversation SDK
Manage your conversations using a simple jQuery plugin. 
Extend your Alexa skills to other channels such as Google Home and Facebook Messanger. 
Analyse your Alexa skill usage. Know what your users are actually using. 


“The fact that we could leverage one of our top customer information web applications, securely transition it , and have an attractive result with minimal effort was outstanding!

Robert Plante
Chief Operating Officer @ IDB Bank of NY.
What are Alexa Skills ? 
Amazon Echo Fundamentally Alters Tech's Future
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